Fashion: Puravida Bracelets

Recently I discovered a new website that sells homemade bracelets made out of wax-coated strings. The company was founded by Griffin Thall and Paul Goodman after a spring break trip to Costa Rica where they met two artisans Joaquin and Jorge who made these bracelets. They asked Joaquin and Jorge to make 400 bracelets to take back […]

Bucket List Revisted: Meet the Cast of ABC’s Nashville

A little over five months ago I sat here telling you some of the things that were included on my bucket list. One of those bucket list items was “Meeting the Cast of ABC’s Nashville” and I thought it was dauntingly impossible but I was wrong.  It was the week of my birthday when I decided to […]

Winter Style: Comfy Look

I’ve really never been into fashion but blogging as helped me venture out of my comfort zone and explore how to put outfits together. This is my first outfit that i’ve put together myself. All pieces are labeled with the clothing line/label they belong to.  This look is something I would wear in the winter. […]

Tips to Stress Relief for College Students

Spring semester is rolling around and students are already becoming stressed. There is so much to get done before a semester starts. Anywhere from filling out paperwork, to waiting on financial aid, and even buying books. Every semester I allow myself to become overly stressed because I like to have everything situated before the first day of […]

The Last Meal: What Would You Eat if You Were Sentenced to Death?

Being a criminal justice major, I study case after case about death row inmates and their last meal requests. While some are quiet interesting some are just your usual everyday eats. Below are some of the last meal requests for some of the most well known inmates in our nation’s history.  John Wayne Gacy was […]

Brrrrr!! 9 things you can do to keep warm!!

Brrrrrrr! It’s cold! With record breaking temperatures in most parts of the United States, I hope everyone is bundling up and staying warm. Thankfully I got it easy living in Charleston, South Carolina where it’s only supposed to drop down into the teens. I’ve comprised a list of things you can do to keep warm […]