Brrrrr!! 9 things you can do to keep warm!!

Brrrrrrr! It’s cold! With record breaking temperatures in most parts of the United States, I hope everyone is bundling up and staying warm. Thankfully I got it easy living in Charleston, South Carolina where it’s only supposed to drop down into the teens. I’ve comprised a list of things you can do to keep warm this winter! ENJOY!

10 things to keep you warm this winter: 

1) Bundle Up

You may think that only one layer of clothing will keep you warm in frigid temperatures but think again. Add more layers to keep your body nice and toasty!  


2) Drink something hot

There is so many beverages you can drink hot. Tea, Coffee, and Hot Chocolate. Stock up and drink as much as you can! 


3) Bake some cookies/cakes 

The heat from the oven will instantly heat your house or at least your kitchen and keep you warm. Oh yeah and you also get a sweet treat as the end outcome. 


4) Stay Moving 

Do something that increases your activity and your metabolism. Staying active even while inside can heat your body! Jog in place, do crunches, clean or play the wii, it all will warm you up! 


5) Start a fire 

If you have a fireplace, create a fire and enjoy the crackling. It will also keep you warm!! 


6) Snuggle with a friend/someone you love

Snuggling with a friend or someone you love is a good way to keep each other warm. Thank you BODY HEAT!


7) Heated Blankets

If you like to cuddle up in your bed and watch movies during cold winter days, cuddle up with a heated blanket. It’ll keep you warm and relaxed. 


8) Wear a fuzzy hat

If your going out make sure you not only have a nice thick jacket on but also a fuzzy hat to keep your ears and head warm. Be creative and wear a fun fuzzy hat! 


9) Take a hot bath 

A hot bath is sometimes the best remedy to keep warm. There is nothing like lighting candles, pour a glass of wine and relax in your hot bath. A great remedy for the soul! 



Whether you use any of the ideas given, stay warm readers! Snuggle up to a good book or movie and relax! 

Until Next time, 



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