Bucket List Revisted: Meet the Cast of ABC’s Nashville

A little over five months ago I sat here telling you some of the things that were included on my bucket list. One of those bucket list items was “Meeting the Cast of ABC’s Nashville” and I thought it was dauntingly impossible but I was wrong. 

It was the week of my birthday when I decided to take a week long trip to Nashville. It was a trip I’ve been wanting to make since the show came on air. I’ve always passed threw the city but never actually explored it. This was the chance I was going to get. I hoped that during my journey I would run into cast members but midway threw my trip I became very disappointed. It was like they were locked behind a door never to be released until filming and then after filming they would be locked back up. I grew very weary.

That was until Wednesday morning, I heard a radio broadcast about Nashville’s On The Record concert that was being filmed at Nashville’s famous Ryman Auditorium. According to the announcer they were not tickets you could buy, they were only tickets you could win. I became frustrated yet again but that did not make me lose hope in getting into the event. I began to search online for tickets to the show and finally I found the answer on the Ryman website. 

If you were interested in attending the performance, you could call the Opry box office in which you could reserve up to 4 tickets to the show. The box office would begin giving away the tickets at 10am and I had to be one of the first callers. I went to bed early that night just to be able to get those tickets. The next morning I called and with relief there were tickets still available.

Saturday I would finally be able to meet some of the cast and I did. I managed to snap selfies with Jonathan Jackson, Clare Bowen, Will Chase, Sam Palladio, Chaley Rose and Aubrey Peeples. Let’s just say this made my trip.

We began to file in the auditorium for filming and as we were headed to our seats a small voice behind me said “Excuse me, may I get by”. I didn’t even register the voice until after she ran past me. Low and behold it was Hayden Panettierre. The rest of the night was thrilling and eventful. Regardless of me calling out of work on Sunday, I was happy to have been able to meet some of my idols and mark of an item on my bucket list!



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