Album Review: Jonathan Jackson + Enation

JJ+E Tunnel (_MG_5387-WEB)Most of you know Jonathan Jackson from when he was “Lucky” on General Hospital but he has made a new mark in a new era of television as Avery Barkley on the Hit ABC show Nashville. Nashville not only showcases his innate ability to bring a fictional character to life but also brings out the REAL Jackson, whose passion is to express his mind in the form of a song. Yes, aside from bringing his abilities to Nashville, Jackson lives his own dream of making music with his band Enation. 

Back on October 14th, 2014 Jonathan Jackson + Enation released their new full-length album “Radio Cinematic”. Though it’s been nearly a month since it’s release I just came across it at my local Target and decided to take a listen. I must say that Jonathan has a gift that will take him and his band a long way. 

Here’s a list of songs from “Radio Cinematic”: 

Young World’s Riot 

Everything is Possible 

Cinematic RCinematic-Front_Cover_Web_MED-650x380

Kicked in the Head 

The Morning of the Rain 

A Far Away Reality 

Thing’s You’ve Never Seen 

I See God In You 

The Hands of Your Drug 

The Future is Ours 

Even The Flames Are Love 

Young World’s Riot (The End) 

If you want to listen to the album without buying it you can listen to it VIA Spotify but I promise you that after you hear it, you’ll want to buy it to your growing CD collection. 

Cinematic, The Morning Of the Rain, Everything Is Possible and Young World’s Riot is probably some of my favorite songs of the album. Their sound is similar to Augustana, Emerson Hart, Five for Fighting and Ben Folds. If your a fan of either of those bands then your in for a musical treat. 

I would give this album a 5 out of 5, and a must purchase album. 


Find them on Twitter or Facebook

@enation or @jonathanjackson


Jonathan Jackson + Enation


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